Be a Church Champion Sponsor

    With Big Pray Day, you can also be an elevated Church Champion by becoming a “Church Champion Sponsor”

    A Church Champion Sponsor helps a church or ministry by buying blocks of Big Pray Day registration passes that can be handed out to individuals as the church or ministry sees fit. It is an excellent way for the church or ministry to use these passes as outreach and an excellent way to promote themselves. Additionally, 50% of the Church Champion Sponsor’s fee is donated directly to the church or ministry.

    A Church Champion Sponsor will be promoted at each church or ministry that they sponsor. The promotion will be during announcements each week, in all bulletins produced by the church or ministry, and on any social media utilized by the church or ministry. Becoming a Church Champion Sponsor is an excellent way to present goodwill to a dedicated and loyal group. A sponsor can either sponsor a single church or ministry or choose any number of churches or ministries.

    Consider becoming a Church Champion Sponsor, and help churches thrive and grow. Church Champion Sponsors are highly esteemed, and the marketing benefits, by positive word of mouth, are real and tangible.

    Be a Church Champion Sponsor today!

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