Be an Affiliate Partner

    We need your help to spread the word about the Big Pray Day
    and we will pay you for helping us!

    Churches and ministries need our help with generating revenues and Big Pray Day is a perfect way to help. We will drive revenue and funding to local churches and ministries as people purchase passes for Big Pray Day. Revenues and funding will help churches and ministries remain viable and vibrant having the ability to continue the work they do. The reality is, it takes money to operate a church or ministry, and with your help, we can make a big, big difference.

    As you spread the word, people will purchase a pass for the event. When someone purchases a pass they get a number of things including a Certificate of Participation, a free copy of an e-book entitled The Perfect Prayer, an opportunity to Pray It Forward to a loved one, and they will also help a local church or ministry because a portion of the fee charged for Big Pray Day is passed on to the church the registrant chooses.

    As an affiliate or marketing partner, you will not only help churches and ministries but also earn 25% of the purchase price of a Big Pray Day pass, including 25% of any Church Champion Sponsor purchases. Your revenue is paid to you on the 1st business day of each month for purchases made and completed on and before the 25th of the previous month. Revenue payments are made each and every month regardless of the amount. You will earn 25% on every purchase from people who you personally approach. If you introduce other affiliates, you will also earn 5% of purchases they generate. Affiliates can introduce and signup other affiliates as well as churches, ministries, businesses, or other marketers. The original affiliate will share the revenues of the affiliate or group that they introduced. This is a true 2-level affiliate system with effective marketing materials to advertise a unique, fun, and exciting event.

    Each registered affiliate will receive a personal link for marketing purposes. This link identifies any purchase made that should be credited to the affiliate. Each affiliate will be supplied with access to banners, email templates, Facebook ads, and other tools for marketing use.

    To be an affiliate in this program we require 2 things:

    1. You need to register for the Big Pray Day event. Registration costs $20.00 CDN plus taxes. Part of your registration fee will go to a church or ministry that you designate as part of your registration.
    2. You need to fill out the affiliate registration form so we can assign you all of the marketing tools, and a personal link to use in your marketing. We also need your email address so that we can pay you each month based on your earnings.

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    Dream Big, Believe Big, Pray Big! Let's do this together!