Be Your Church’s Champion

    Be a part of something big, the Big Pray Day, and get a chance to help your church in the process.

    We all have suffered in different ways over the last few weeks and months. Pandemics and other unsettling events have changed our lives and brought us to a point where we had to lose the experience of things we so freely enjoyed and participated in. We have had to slow down and rethink almost every aspect of our lives in one way or another. Our incomes have been affected. Our lifestyles have been affected. Our way of interacting has been affected. I suspect the effect will be with us in one way or another, for the rest of our lives.

    Churches have also been affected. For a period, they had to close their doors as directed by public and governmental decision-makers. As a result of this, churches have noticed a significant drop in the tithes and offerings they receive, and the financial support they require. The church I attend has suffered as well, and it dawned on me how important it is in my life that my church stays open and viable. I am personally blessed by the messages, sermons, and prayers I receive from my church and so are thousands and even millions of others. I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY CHURCH! I assume you feel the same way, and there is something very specific that you can do.

    When you register for the Big Pray Day, in addition to the event registration, “The Perfect Prayer” e-book, and the “Pray It Forward” to a loved one, you will also be helping your church financially. Up to $10 of the $20 fee will be sent to YOUR church. Yes, you pick the church you want to help, any church in any city. Additionally, we will then start helping that church get more participants and more revenues.

    Be a part of something big, the Big Pray Day, and help your church in the process. Register and nominate your church for our donation. Be your Church’s Champion!

    Dream Big, Believe Big, Pray Big!