Hi All,

    I am excited to announce and officially launch Big Pray Day.  Big Pray Day, to be held December 12, 2020, is a day where millions of people from around the world will say the Lord’s Prayer.  Millions of people will unite, with a common effort, to enlighten and enrich the world…and set a World Record!  It is a fun event, with many special gifts as part of the registration, but it is also a reverent and solemn event for many who will display their faith, and help share God’s light in the world.  And with so many participating, we will set a World Record for the most number of people saying the Lord’s Prayer in a 24 hour period!

    We have worked diligently and we are proud to present this event.  Have there been setbacks?  YES!  Have we kept our vision and kept working?  YES!  Are we proud to be presenting this?  YES!  But it is all according to God’s will and we are abiding by that.

    Help spread the word.  Sign up as an affiliate and let us pay you to spread the word.  The event is unique and fun.  Be a part.

    Be blessed!

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