What is Big Pray Day?

    About the Big Pray Day
    Big Pray Day will be exciting, with millions of people participating, doing one simple act to change the world.

    We are a group of Christian churches, pastors, and supporters who came up with the idea of this Big Pray Day event.

    Big Pray Day will be held on December 12, 2020, and on that day all participants from all over the world will be saying the Lord’s Prayer. It is a simple prayer that will take very little time to say. It is a perfect prayer and we are asking for everyone to join together on that day and reverently say the prayer.

    On December 12, 2020, all participants will take 60 seconds and say the Lord’s Prayer. It can be done anytime during the 24-hour period on December 12, 2020, and it can be done anywhere you like, where it is safe to do so.

    OR…if the participant chooses, the participant can stop, and if safe to do so, say the Lord’s Prayer at 1:00 PM, 1300 hours, Eastern Standard Time (EST) Canada, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -5h. This will be a Flash Prayer Event on Big Pray Day and millions of people have already registered to say the prayer on that day, at that time. Exciting for sure!

    Why are we organizing this event?

    One of the reasons our top-notch team decided to organize Big Pray Day is to keep high spirits in society during such difficult times. We came up with the idea of this fun and heartening event that anyone can participate in, and the process of planning has been exciting. We are expecting to have millions of people who will participate in Big Pray Day, and with millions of participants, we will hopefully set a World Record!

    In addition to fortifying morale, the event also has a practical goal of supporting all churches and ministries. Any Christian church or ministry, big or small, anywhere in the world can benefit financially as we all participate. There are thousands, tens of thousands, millions of churches all over the world, and we will do everything in our power, God willing, to help every church or ministry that participates. During this exceptionally trying time, individuals, businesses, churches, and ministries have suffered. We want them to thrive and grow. We want to help churches and ministries in a very real way, and we need your help.

    By registering for this event you will receive a number of great things!

    As a participant, you will receive a personalized, electronic Certificate of Participation. This certificate will be print ready and will commemorate your involvement in this huge event. The certificate will certify your involvement and will list the total number of people who prayed the Lord’s Prayer on December 12, 2020. We expect to set a World Record for the number of people who participate so you will be part of a World Record.

    As well, each participant will receive a wonderful electronic book that is titled ‘The Perfect Prayer’. This book is a well-written and insightful explanation of the Lord’s Prayer and why it is considered by many to be so profound. Jesus taught His disciples to pray this prayer when they asked Him how they should pray. The book explains how and why we can pray that same prayer each day.

    In addition to these things, there is another wonderful gift you will receive. Because we are a prayer ministry and we believe that prayer is important and changes things and situations, we will offer you an opportunity for us to send a friend, co-worker, family member, or anyone, a personalized prayer from you. Pray It Forward is a way that you can help bless a person you care about. The prayer is personalized for your friend and will be delivered to them courtesy of you. The prayer is a wonderful prayer that prays for blessings in all areas of life including physical blessings, financial blessings, emotional blessings, and spiritual blessings. The reality is that people face struggles of some sort or another, by Praying It Forward, you will let that person know you are thinking of them, praying for them and supporting them. If you have ever been prayed for, you will remember how honoring it was and you can do this for your loved one.

    And finally, there is one more beautiful gift that will help a church or ministry that you choose. As a participant, you will be a Church Champion. As a Church Champion, you will help a church or ministry thrive and prosper because part of your registration fee will be directed to the specific church or ministry that you designate. Churches and ministries have been affected by the uncertainty that we have all been facing. Personally, I have valued my church even more throughout these last few months and I want them to succeed and prosper and not be diminished. I know that finances are needed for every church or ministry and that is why you can be your Churches Champion by registering for Big Pray Day.

    Your efforts will make a difference. Therefore, we ask for your participation. Register today and be a shining light in this world and receive a wonderful e-book, send a prayer to a loved one and help your church or ministry. This will be an extraordinary event, fun and exciting. We have a number of surprises for you, which I know you will enjoy, that we will share with you as we approach the event date. From our launch date to December 12, 2020, we have nearly 6 months to prepare and spread the word about this event. We need you and we need your help to set a World Record. This is worldwide and will involve millions and millions of people…and we need you. Someone told me the other day, “Dream Big, Believe Big, Pray Big”. Let’s do this together!


    Your e-Certificate of Participation will also indicate the total number of people who prayed the Lord's Prayer on the Big Pray Day.


    Each participant will receive a wonderful e-book titled ``The Perfect Prayer``, insightfully explaining the Lord's Prayer.


    A personalized prayer will be forwarded to the email address of a person you love or care as a courtesy of you.

    Be a Church Champion

    Participants will also be a Church Champion since part of the registration fee will be donated to their designated church/ministry.

    Prayer can change the world.