What is Pray It Forward?

    “Pray It Forward” is a way to bless someone you love or care about by using prayer.

    Praying for someone is a very special way to honor them, and everybody likes to feel honored. Often, people face struggles alone and in silence. When we pray for someone, we are asking our Lord to bless them in a divine way.

    When you signup for Big Pray Day, you can “Pray It Forward” to someone you care about as part of your registration fee.

    In the registration form, you will be asked to select someone to “Pray It Forward”. This person might be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, family member, or a co-worker, basically, anyone who you care about. After you complete your registration, we will email them a personalized prayer of encouragement that asks our Lord to bless them in all facets of their life. This personalized prayer will be directly sent to the person you select, and we will let them know that the prayer is being sent thanks to you.

    Signup today, and honor someone you care and love.

    Dream Big, Believe Big, Pray Big!